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Weather Procedures

Inclement Weather Dismissal

Snow Days

The Superintendent makes the decision concerning any changes to the school day schedule. District personnel begin driving roads throughout the district checking for travel conditions at 4:00 a.m. We are also in direct and constant contact with the National Weather Service prior to and throughout the decision-making process.

The factors listed below are considered when a decision needs to be made about whether or not to have school when the weather is snowy:

Weather Forecast: The district acquires the best up-to-date information possible through the national weather service.

  • Visibility: Wind speed and visibility are crucial. Snowdrifts are a major consideration.
  • Depth of Snow: It has to snow several inches before it creates a big problem.
  • Ice: How wet or dry is the snow?
  • Temperature: What is the expected high temperature? Usually, if the temperature will rise to 28 degrees or above depending on wind chill, thawing on highways and roads will occur or some slush will be created.

Announcements will be made on local radio and television stations and the Amarillo Globe News website when it is necessary to cancel school due to bad weather. This information will be given to the media before 6:15 a.m., if possible. This decision will be made on the morning of the day in question.

The television and radio stations, and the Amarillo Globe News will be notified by noon if there will be an early dismissal. Listen to any local television or radio station in the event there is a question of school being closed or dismissed early.

Radio Stations

  • KPUR – 107.1 FM
  • KBZD/KTNZ – 99.7 FM
  • KARX – 95.7 FM
  • KQFX- 104.3FM
  • KQIZ-93 – 93.1 FM
  • KGNC AM-FM – 710 AM & 97.9 FM
  • KZRK – 107.9 FM
  • KMXJ – 94.1 FM
  • KIXZ – 940 AM
  • KMML – 96.9 FM
  • KPRF – 98.7 FM

Television Stations

  • KAMR-Channel 4
  • KVII-Channel 7
  • KFDA – Channel 10

Certain bus routes may have “Bad Weather Alternative Stops” which have been arranged prior to a bad weather day. If you have questions as to whether your child’s bus route have an alternate inclement weather stop, please contact the Transportation Department at 677-2670.