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Online Courses

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Texas Virtual School Network

The Texas Virtual School Network offers Canyon ISD students online course work for high school credit. TxVSN allows CISD students to expand their course offerings including, but not limited to, Advanced Placement courses, foreign languages, and other electives. Online courses are very rigorous and help prepare students for post-secondary opportunities. Online learning also addresses the learning needs of 21st century tech-savvy students who want to learn whenever and wherever they choose.

  • Students currently in grades 9-12 are eligible to enroll in TxVSN courses.
  • TxVSN courses may be taken:
    – as part of a student’s normal course load to meet graduation credit
    – for acceleration
    – for credit recovery (in approved situations)
    – as a summer school course
    – outside of the school day when deemed appropriate such as Driver Education
  • Students may take up to two TxVSN courses per fall, spring, and summer semesters.
  • The counselors will advise students on course options which meet a curriculum requirement for a student’s individual graduation plan before enrolling the student in TxVSN.
  • Students will not be allowed to take courses which are otherwise offered face-to-face at their high school unless certain circumstances determine an exception. Ex: Algebra II is offered at both high schools; therefore, a student would not be allowed to take this course online.
  • TxVSN courses will be scheduled within the master schedule, and students will be assigned a TxVSN course period in a room on their home campus which provides the student with an appropriate Internet accessible computer.
  • CISD students will participate in the TxVSN courses as part of their 7-period school day. Students may take Driver Education through TxVSN as an additional 8th course outside of the school day.
  • All students will be required to complete the online READi test before enrolling in a TxVSN course. This requirement does not apply to Driver Education.
  • Dual credit courses are offered through TxVSN. Students will be responsible for the college registration, payment of fees, and qualifying score requirements by either TAKS, AccuPlacer, or THEA.
  • Special education students will be enrolled following the student’s ARD placement.
  • There is no cost to the student to register for up to two TxVSN courses per semester if the course meets graduation requirements, is part of the student’s 7-period day, and the student successfully completes the course. Course materials, books, resources, or supplies must be purchased by the student.
  • Online course grades will be calculated into the student’s GPA. The exception at this time is Driver Education which will not be included in GPA calculations. AP courses will receive the extra ten points just like face-to-face courses.

Amarillo ISD’s AACAL Online Courses

Canyon ISD 8th-12th grade students have the opportunity to earn high school course credit through online courses offered by Amarillo ISD’s AACAL campus. Highly qualified AISD teachers will be the instructors of the online courses. CISD students may enroll in one or two online courses per semester. Students must have permission from their CISD counselor to be allowed to register. A registration fee of $100 per semester course will be required. Students earn credits and grades that will be applied to their CISD transcript.

Contact one of the high school counselors at Canyon, Randall or West Plains High School for further information.