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Just the Facts

Just The Facts

Canyon ISD has created this webpage to share facts about Canyon ISD, and emerging issues and topics associated with the District. 
We know questions arise from time to time, and we strive to provide accurate, timely information. As a reminder, Canyon ISD has many ways to stay connected. Please continue to visit the Canyon ISD website, follow us on social media channels, and look for email communication from us.  We are happy to speak with you about questions, concerns, and input.  

We Want You To Know

Books:  Canyon ISD has a process for parents to let us know about any resources where they may have concerns. Click the following link to learn more about how we involve our community in selecting and reviewing resources that are used in our classrooms:  Instructional Resources Consideration Committee Information website.  Our Board of Trustees has adopted a new policy based on guidance from TEA this April that allows us to review library materials in a similar manner to classroom resources. Click here to review EFA Local and EFB Local.

Critical Race Theory:  CRT is not allowed to be taught in Texas schools per TEA. Canyon ISD does not teach CRT.

Health Curriculum:  The State Board of Education adopted the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Health Education K-12.  This content includes the opt in curriculum for human sexuality, child abuse, family violence, dating violence, and human trafficking instruction and our process for acquiring resources.  Click this link to learn more: Letter to Parents

Suicide Prevention: Canyon ISD takes the safety of all students seriously.  We want to equip students with skills and tools that can help prevent students from taking their own life. The School Health Advisory Council is currently reviewing suicide prevention programs to make a recommendation to the Board of Trustees by January of 2023.

Boundaries:  We have no plans to change the 2020 board approved attendance zones.  Follow this link to find attendance zones:


Who Can I Talk To?
We welcome your questions, input, concerns, and feedback.  If you would like to schedule a phone call or face to face meeting, feel free to reach out to the people below.  The full list of administrators can be found here:  CISD Administrators


John Forbis

Flusche, Darryl

Canyon ISD Superintendent

(806) 677-2627


John Forbis

Cranmer, Robyn

Assistant Superintendent of Support Services

(806) 677-2616

John Forbis

Rosser, Cameron

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction

(806) 677-2622

John Forbis

Wilson, Heather

Assistant Superintendent of Business & Operations

(806) 677-2629


John Forbis

Delaney, Yolanda

Director of Elementary School Leadership

(806) 677-2608

John Forbis

Cook, Tricia

Director of Middle School Leadership

(806) 677-2608

John Forbis

Hamil, Marc

Director of Secondary School Leadership

(806) 677-2611


John Forbis

Forbis, John

Coordinator of District Communications

(806) 677-2621

John Forbis

Boren, Jennifer

Principal, Canyon High School

(806) 677-2742

John Forbis

Gomez, Eric

Principal, West Plains High School

(806) 677-2600


John Forbis

Neeley, Shawn

Principal, Midway Alternative High School

(806) 677-2458


John Forbis

Singleton, Steven

Principal, Randall High School

(806) 677-2301