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Protocols to Parents

Protocols to Parents


Safety and Security

Canyon ISD is committed to safety and security.  Our goal is for every student, every staff member, and every parent to feel and know they are safe.  

Canyon ISD is continually seeking proactive ways to keep our students safe.  The District has implemented several noticeable changes in the last few years.  Outside doors are locked throughout the day, every facility has an intercom system for visitors to enter the building, and every campus has a safety coordinator.  

Canyon ISD has very strong partnerships with the Amarillo Police Department, Canyon Police Department, Randall County Sheriff’s Department and other local emergency responders.  We develop procedures together, we practiced together, and our communication systems are coordinated. Together, we have developed a comprehensive Emergency Operation Plan that serves as a guide to help staff and our public safety partners respond swiftly should a crisis occur in our schools. Canyon ISD has five liaison officers provided by the Amarillo Police Department and Canyon Police Department.

How will the campuses communicate to parents should a crisis occur?

As a means of communication, Canyon ISD currently uses Twitter as a way to send notifications quickly to students, staff, parents, and our community.  Anyone can receive a text from one of Canyon ISD’s Twitter accounts directly on their cell phone. A Twitter account is NOT needed to receive these tweets and directions can be found on our website or by viewing the link provided below.