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Social Media Guidelines


The Canyon ISD Social Media Pages are provided for the district community and will be updated as often as possible to share student and staff achievement, upcoming events, emergency information and other timely news.

Canyon ISD will not leave comments that – 

  • Contain abusive or inappropriate language or statements.
  • Identify students and staff in defamatory, abusive or generally negative terms.
  • Break the law or encourage others to do so. This includes respecting copyright and fair use laws.
  • Are spam (i.e., repeatedly posting the same comment or comments that advertise/promote a service or product).
  • Are unrelated to the post.

Page administrators reserve the right to remove any comments (especially those deemed inappropriate or malicious) at any time, for any reason. The intent of this policy is not to censor negative or critical information but to protect the rights and privacy of Canyon ISD students and staff.

If a person continuously posts inappropriate comments, we reserve the right to remove him or her as a fan of our page. All comments are held for review.

If you would like to report an inappropriate comment for us to review, please send a message to