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General FAQ’s

Is my information confidential?

Canyon ISD is a public entity, thus making your application a public document, which is subject to disclosure upon request. It does not matter if you applied using a paper application or online application.

Which positions may use the online application?

Every applicant may apply online by choosing one of the four types of applications: Professional, Paraprofessional, Support and Substitute. If you click on How to Apply from the Human Resources webpage, you will see a list of positions matched to one of the applications. You may fill out more than one online application if the positions which interest you fall under two different application types.

Should I mail my transcripts, teacher service record, certification/licensure records and/or resume in addition to using the online application process?

Unless noted otherwise on the vacancy announcement, you do not need to submit a hard copy of these documents to the district if you attached them to your online application. Substitutes: In order to receive the degreed substitute pay rate, you are required to submit a hard copy of your official college transcript.

How long will my application be kept on file?

Canyon ISD keeps applications on file and active for twelve months. It will be necessary for you to update your information prior to the end of the twelve month after your original submission.

Can I fill out more than one application?

Yes. If you are interested in a professional position (teacher) and a paraprofessional position (teacher aide); you must complete both applications online. If you are interested in a paraprofessional (teacher aide) and support (transportation) position, you must complete both applications online.

I don’t have access to a computer, how can I apply?

If you do not have access to a computer, you may apply online at a local library or by visiting the CISD District Support Center at 3301 N. 23rd Street in Canyon, Texas.

How can I remove my old job postings from the online application?

Canyon ISD is required to retain records of applications for all posted positions, therefore, old job postings cannot be removed from the online application.

Will you accept a copy of my college diploma showing an Associate’s degree, Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree?

No, in order to determine if you meet No Child Left Behind “highly qualified” status, the district will need a copy of your transcript showing completed college courses and credit hours. Canyon ISD will accept copies of a high school diploma or GED for proof of education if you have not completed any college courses.

If I am a Registered Nurse, should I fill out the professional and paraprofessional application?

No. All Registered Nurses (RN’s), should complete the professional application only.

FAQ’s for Professional Applicants

Am I required to provide information regarding Non-teaching experience?

If your work experience is relevant to the position for which you are applying or covers your previous 10 years of employment, please include it on your application. For non-teacher candidates, please enter all of your work experience on the Work Experience – Non-teaching/General page.

If I enter my teaching and/or school administrative experience on the Work Experience – Teaching/School Supervisory/Administrative experience page, do I need to reenter it on the Work Experience – General page.

No. You should enter all professional school related experience (e.g. teacher, diagnostician, principal, etc.) on the Work Experience – Teaching/School Supervisory/Administrative page, which allows you to skip the Work Experience – Non-teaching/General unless you have relevant non-school experience to add.

If I am applying for a teaching position, do I have to list my student teaching experience?

If you have less than three completed years of experience (please do not count substitute teaching experience), you will need to complete the student teaching experience section. Note: If you are in the middle of your third year teaching, you must complete the student teaching section as you will have only two completed years of experience at the time you submit your application.

What if I am a teacher candidate through an alternative certification program and have no student teaching experience.

Check the appropriate box on your application that asks about alternative certification programs so we will have that information in lieu of student teaching experience. Be sure to include the name and location of the program. If selected for employment, you will be required to furnish a letter of intent from the director of the certification program.