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Inclement Weather Procedures


Schools shall remain open for instructional purposes as often as possible consistent with giving first consideration to the safety of students. Schools will operate on a normal schedule every day the roads are judged to be safe for travel during the hours that buses and other passenger vehicles are transporting students to and from school.
The Superintendent will make decisions about possible school closings and schedule changes on the basis of the best information available at the time from National Weather Forecasts, local law enforcement, transportation officials, road checks by school personnel, and other sources as appropriate. When making the decision to close school the district administration will consider visibility, depth of snow, ice, temperature and continued forecast.


Announcements will be made on district and campus twitter accounts, local radio stations, television stations, Amarillo Globe News website, school district social media, and posted on the District website when it is necessary to cancel school due to bad weather. Note: No weather announcement from Canyon Independent School District means classes will be held on a normal schedule.

Radio Stations

KQFX- 104.3FM
KGNC AM-FM – 710 AM & 97.9 FM
KMXJ – 94.1 FM
KIXZ – 940 AM
KMML – 96.9 FM
KPRF – 98.7 FM
KPUR – 107.1 FM
KARX – 95.7 FM
KQIZ-93 – 93.1 FM
KZRK – 107.9 FM

Television Stations

KAMR-Channel 4
KVII-Channel 7
KFDA – Channel 10

Severe Weather occurring within the Evening or at Night
If weather becomes bad during the night, roads will be monitored by district school administration, maintenance department and transportation department. A decision will be made by 6:15am, if possible.
A decision to close will typically be decided on the morning of the day in question, unless information provided by the National Weather Service dictates the necessity to cancel school the day before. Also, if the weather has begun accumulating during early evening hours, school could be cancelled if accumulation and continued weather patterns warrant this decision. In this case, the school district would try to make a decision prior to 10:00pm, so information may be posted on the 10:00pm local newscast.

Severe Weather occurring during the School Day
If severe weather begins during the school day, a decision may be made regarding early dismissal. School administrators will monitor the weather throughout the day to ensure student safety.
All after school activities (Canyon Kids Program, athletic events, PTA meetings, tutorials, and facility rentals) will be evaluated by school administrators based on conditions. If the Canyon Kids Program is cancelled, parents with children in the program should make plans to pick their children up from the school they attend or notify the school that their child should ride the afternoon bus they are assigned.