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Frequently Asked Questions

What hours are the Transportation Center open?

The Transportation Center is open from 5:00AM-6:00PM on school days. You are more than welcome to leave a message before or after hours on the answer machine by calling 677-2670. During Student Holidays, the Transportation Center is open from 7:00AM-4:00PM.

What should I do if the bus is not on time to pick up my child?

Your child should be at the assigned bus stop five (5) minutes before the scheduled arrival time. After ten minutes if your bus has not arrived, please call the Transportation Center at 677-2670.

When I arrived home today, I could not find my child. The school is closed, and no one is answering the phone at the campus. What do I do?

Calling the Transportation Center is usually the best option under these circumstances. The transportation staff can assist you in locating your child. If it is after 6:00PM, it may be necessary to contact the appropriate law enforcement.

Why doesn’t some one call me when the school bus is running late?

Circumstances such as traffic, road closures, weather, and vehicle breakdowns, can cause school buses to run late. Due to the high number of students we transport every morning and afternoon, it is not possible to always call. If a bus is running late in the morning, we will always make contact with the appropriate campus.

Who should I report my address or telephone number change to?

The school registrar of the campus your child attends should be contacted as soon as possible with all address and telephone number information changes. These changes will be placed into the district network system allowing the Transportation Department to have access to this information.

How will I be notified of a change to my child’s stop time, stop location, or route number change?

If a change becomes necessary and will not affect your stop time by 5 minutes, then the driver will notify the students of the time change. If a change in stop location or route number becomes necessary, the Transportation Department will send written notification home with your child. If a time change is greater than 5 minutes we will send written notification home with your child.

Can the driver stop at my house to pick up or drop off my child?

Only certain students, whose needs are addressed through an IEP plan, are eligible for “curbside service.” “Curbside” service is normally restricted to situations where a less restrictive environment is not possible or where medical issues require this type of service. For other students, service is provided in accordance with district guidelines.

My Child left a jacket (books, instrument) on the bus. How can we get this back?

Please call 677-2670 to see if the item is on the bus. The drivers check their bus after each run. The driver will hold items left on the bus by students. After a few days, the driver will bring any item left on the bus into the Transportation Center. If the item has a name on it, the driver will report this to our dispatch office and we will try making contact with the individual so the item can be returned in a timely manner. Any lunches found on the bus will be returned to the appropriate campus as soon as possible.

Can my child have a friend ride their bus home with them?

It is extremely important that you call the Transportation Center in advance of this situation, so that we can ensure the bus has adequate room for this request. Students who are assigned to the bus route do have priority. If the bus has room, then your child’s friend will need to take a signed note from his/her parent to the school office. The school office will issue a bus pass for the friend. When the friend boards the bus, they will need to give this to the bus driver. If the friend does not have a bus pass from the office, they will not be allowed to ride home with your child.

Can my child ride another bus home?

It is extremely important that you call the Transportation Center in advance of this request, so that we can ensure the bus you need your child to ride home on has adequate room. If the bus has adequate room, then you will need to send a note with your child to take to the office. The office will issue a bus pass so that your child can give this to the bus driver.