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Student Activity Funds

Student Activity Funds

Student activity funds consist of money which is received and held by the school as trustee. These funds are raised by individual student groups and their disbursement is controlled by that group. Student activity funds are accounted for by the district as agency funds in compliance with TEA Financial Accountability System Resource Guide. The basic purpose for the collecting or raising and expending of activity funds must be for the direct benefit of the students or for the general benefit of the school. Within the scope, funds are to be used to finance activities which supplement the educational curriculum of the District. Fund raising activities shall in general contribute to the educational experience of pupils and shall not conflict with the instruction program.

Student activity money shall be expended to benefit the student group which contributed to its accumulation. Student participation is an important factor in the management of money raised by the student body and expended for its benefit. Each expenditure shall be approved by membership of the student organization. The following are examples of acceptable uses of student activity funds:

  • Supplies and materials to be used by the student members of the group
  • Entry fees and other expenses associated with competition and meetings
  • Travel expenses and meals consumed by the student members and their adult sponsors
  • Membership in related organizations
  • Flowers, cards, plaques or other such expressions of condolence or appreciation
  • Charitable contributions and scholarships
  • Expenditures related to parties and other entertainment of the student members
  • Equipment to be used by the student members of the organization
  • Gift cards for $25 or less that are used for incentives or rewards

Note that any equipment purchased with student activity funds will become the property of Canyon Independent School District and must be properly tagged and included in the fixed asset inventory of the district.

Inappropriate expenditures of student activity funds include:

  • Any purchase not approved by the student membership of the group
  • Any purchase other than those listed above which benefits adult sponsor and does not benefit student members.

Funds derived from the student body as a whole shall be expended in manner benefiting all students. The management of student activity funds shall be in accordance with sound business practices, including established budgetary and accounting procedures.

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